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Significantly dampen vibrations that reverberate through your telescope with the addition of these simple yet effective vibration suppression pads. Put one under each tripod foot (this set comes with 3), regardless of the material your telescope is sitting on. Works on dirt, wood, asphalt, concrete, grass, etc.
12 volt DC 5A power supply There is a 2.1mm tip positive plug suited to many SkyWatcher and Celestron telescopes and mounts
No Locks or Clutches Portable altazimuth mount with precision slow motion control in both axes Slow-motion control with whole circle movement via 120-tooth wheel-gears Tripod legs height adjustment: 35 - 51" (89-130 cm) Mount can be removed and used on heavier tripod if needed.
Ideal for the astrophotographer For Long-Exposure Astrophotography Adds Fine Adjustments to Guide Scope For up to 80mm Apertures
Used for attaching a field scope to your car window All metal construction Weight: 567 gr Suitable for birdwatching
3-Step Adjustable Tripod Heavy duty tripod for cameras, field spotting scopes and binoculars
Suitable for: New Foresta 10x50 ATREK 8x50 and 10x50 Old APEX Pro 10x50 ARTES ED8.5 and ED10.5 models
For newtonian and cassegrain telescopes up to 150mm aperture For refractor telescopes up to 120mm aperture Ready to use with aluminium tripod, manual movement in both axis Two 1.8kg counterweights. You can upgrade the EQ3 mount to a 100% GoTo mount or to a very good base for astrophotography
5.1 kg counterweight for AZ-EQ6. Not compatible with EQ5/HEQ5/NEQ6
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