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For newtonian and cassegrain telescopes up to 150mm aperture For refractor telescopes up to 120mm aperture Ready to use with aluminium tripod, manual movement in both axis Two 1.8kg counterweights. You can upgrade the EQ3 mount to a 100% GoTo mount or to a very good base for astrophotography
Heavy duty equatorial mount for astrophotography Minimal vibration for steady long-exposure photography PC compatibility Upgradeable hand control via internet download Auto Guider Interface for astro-photography
$ 2,400
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Payload Capacity: 25kg Easy transport thanks to low weight Massive polar block - even more stable Optical encoders make sure you'll never lose alignment again Two telescopes can be mounted simultaneously
$ 769
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Computerized GoTo mount with tripod For telescopes up to max. 5 kg
$ 5,085
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Extra heavy duty Computerized GO-TO Equatorial Mount
$ 1,118
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Versatile Equatorial telescope mount
$ 421
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Very sturdy Equatorial mount. Motors or Go-To facility can be added as optional extras later.
$ 901
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Equatorial SynScan GoTo mount with steel tripod A completely equipped GoTo mount for compact telescopes Payload Capacity: Approx 6.5 kg (astrophotography) - 9 kg (observing) Suitable for these tubes: Refractors up to 150 mm Newtonians up to 200 mm Maksutov-Cassegrains up to 180 mm Schmidt-Cassegrains up to 200 mm (visual use)
$ 1,650
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Computerized equatorial mount Heavy-duty SynScan Hand Control
$ 899
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Equatorial polaris mount with TL130 tripod
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