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No Locks or Clutches Portable altazimuth mount with precision slow motion control in both axes Slow-motion control with whole circle movement via 120-tooth wheel-gears Tripod legs height adjustment: 35 - 51" (89-130 cm) Mount can be removed and used on heavier tripod if needed.
Alt-Azimuth mount Steel tripod Proper for both astronomical and terrestrial uses Telescopes (up to 6"), Spotting Scopes, Cameras, Video Cameras
Designed for Vixen the Sphinx (SX) and Skypod Mount. Handy and portable, this cool table top tripod will sit on any flat surface. It is not for use with heavier set-ups, but nice choice if you're using a small telescope.
Alt-Azimuth Telescope Mount Perfect for medium to lightweight telescopes Payload capacity of 15 lbs (6.8 kg) Uses Vixen style dovetail bracket Portable Grab and Go design
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Payload Capacity: 25kg Easy transport thanks to low weight Massive polar block - even more stable Optical encoders make sure you'll never lose alignment again Two telescopes can be mounted simultaneously
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