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Adapter for photography Connection between Canon DSLR camera and telescope
This Nightsky universal digital camera adapter allows you to do astrophotography with a digital (point and shoot-type) camera. It turns your 1.25” or 2” eyepiece telescope into a very high power telephoto lens for digiscoping with those cameras that have non-removable lenses, which normally can’t be used for astrophotography.
compatible with the SONY Alpha series cameras featuring the SONY A-mount: SONY Alpha a33, a35, a37, a55, a57, a58, a65, a77, a77 II, a99, a100, a200, a230, a250, a290, a300, a330, a350, a380, a390, a450, a500, a550, a560, a580, a700, a850, a900 etc.
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Nikon SLR Cameras adapter for microscopes High Quality Metal Construction
M48 version for flatteners / reducers for attaching your Canon EOS DSLR camera to any of the SkyWatcher 0.85x Focal Reducer/Correctors in conjunction with the SkyWatcher DS PRO range of apochromatic refractor telescopes. 
Threaded ring couples Canon EOS camera body to standard T-thread on most camera adapters Ring attaches securely to Canon EOS DSLR or SLR camera body and provides a T-thread interface Couples Canon EOS camera body to standard T-thread found on many camera adapters used for astrophotography
Connection lens side: T2 thread female Connection camera side: Olympus OM bayonet
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