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Use this specially designed 2" astrophotography filter for deep-sky imaging from areas suffering from light pollution Lets you capture astrophotographs in light polluted skies with CCD or DSLR cameras by blocking up to 99% transmission of specific wavelengths responsible for light pollution while passing through vital light wavelengths for pleasing images
Cuts Out UV Rays Below 390 nm Cuts Out IR Rays Above 700 mn Retains Visible Light Spectrum Reduce Effects of Atmospheric Haze Clearer and Sharper Pictures Outdoors
UV/IR Cut Off Filter (1.25")  Blocks UV and IR rays 99.9% light transmission
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All the important emission lines, as well as the spectral region that the very well dark adapted eye can see, can pass through the filter.
Filter Type : Photographic - Hydrogen Alpha Bandpass : 10 nm Size : 2" Style : Round, threaded cell Transmission : 90%
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Ultra High Contrast imaging Fits 2" eyepieces Blocks light pollution Maximum effects on Gas Nebulae and Planetary Nebulae
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