Vixen Advanced Polaris Mount RA Motor Set


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  • RA motor module designed for the Vixen Advanced Polaris (AP) modular equatorial mount.
  • This comes with the Star Book One controller which allows the selection of various tracking modes, periodic error correction (PEC) and an auto guider port.

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This set for the new Advanced Polaris mount consists of the RA Module for celestial tracking in place of the RA slow motion controls. this includes the new STAR BOOK ONE for smooth tracking. Batteries are not included. Adding the optional DEC motor module with enhance your tracking. The STAR BOOK ONE Controller is a dual axis handheld controller. The 4 buttons on the controller move the mount electrically in the X and Y axis (RA and DEC). The controller includes a built in red LED light for illumination to avoid loosing night vision. Versatile tracking options are available; sidereal rate, Kings Rate, lunar rate, and solar rate. Different tracking speeds are available for time lapse photography. The controller works in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Backlash compensation provides reduced time lag at the point of reverse motion and the controller can be used for auto guiding with an auto guider compatible with SBIG auto guiders. PEC rectifies irregular motion of the tracking gear wheels that affect long exposure astrophotography. 

Working voltage: DC12V (supplied from the mount)

CPU: 32bit CISC Processor

Note: The STAR BOOK ONE recognizes the Vixen mount to which is attached.

Only functions or commands that are applicable to that mount will be

displayed on the screen.

Worm Wheel Diameter75.3mm
Worm Wheel Teeth

144 teeth

Worm Shaft11mm Brass
BearingsTwo ball bearings
Axis of rotation45mm Aluminium alloy
MotorPulse motor
Controller ConnectionD-SUB9PIN Male
Power Supply ConnectionUSB Micro-B type (DC 4.4 - 5.26V)
Size80 x 136.5 x 51.5mm (excluding protrusions)
Card Code8000610123

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