Vixen LVW 42mm Eyepiece


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  • Focal length of 42mm with a 2" barrel size
  • 65 apparent field of view
  • 20mm of eye relief
  • 8 element design, divided into five groups
  • Safety grooves molded in for a secure grip and color-coded for easy identification
  • 48X at 2000mm FL, 24X at 1000mm FL and 12X at 500mm FL

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Designed to give the maximum field of view the human eye can view sharply, these Vixen LVW Lanthanum eyepieces incorporate several elements made from Premium Rare-Earth Lanthanum glass to reduce optical aberrations.

The Vixen LVW eyepiece is designed to give you an incredible wide rich field of view, while reducing any internal loss of contrast or sharpness. Stunning views of the Moon, galaxies or extended nebulae are sure to follow when using this eyepiece. Be careful when viewing with these eyepieces, you just may feel like you are falling into a galaxy!


  • Extra-long 20mm eye-relief allows for comfortable observations - even with eye glasses.
  • Highly prized for eyepiece projection imaging.
  • Fully multi-coated for absolute maximum performance qualities.
  • Convenient fold-down rubber eye guards.

Incredible wide field of view without internal loss of contrast or sharpness.

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