Bresser 2 2X SA Barlow lens"


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SA-Barlow lens (2x) accepts eyepiece barrels of 2".

The SA-Barlow lenses have a 4 lens system and are multi-coated.

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A barlow lens multiplies the telescope´s focal length and the magnification for observations of the moon, planets or small deep sky objects. It enables you to use eyepieces with a long focal length and therefore comfortable eye relief for high magnification. BRESSER SA Barlow lenses These Barlow lenses with four lens elements provide an excellent image quality throughout the whole field of view and are therefore an optimal tool for observation and imaging.


  • Barlow lens
  • 31,7 mm adapter


Magnification factor2
Connection (to the telescope)2"
Coating of optical systemmultiple
Number of lenses4
Ring clampyes
TypeBarlow lens


Diameter (mm)72
Weight (g)625
Card Code800610069

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