NightSky 15x70 MS


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  • Excellent quality binoculars for a high magnification and a bright image
  • َAbsorbs heavy shocks
  • Heavy duty, extremely robust precision instrument

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The massive body and rubber armor of these binoculars will absorb even heavy shocks. High humidity or even rain or spray water will not harm these binoculars. This makes them ideally suited for sailing or boating, even when the weather is bad. These binoculars are protected against fogging from the inside by a professional nitrogen filling.

These binoculars features particularly high quality optics with excellent image brightness, image definition and clarity. At the same time they are very comfortable to use even for prolonged periods (e.g. hunters). Astronomically these are among the best binoculars in the NightSky product range due to their consistent image sharpness throughout the entire field of view.

The 15x70 MS can still be used without a tripod for quick observing. 15x magnification is beyond the limit we usually recommend for free-handed use, but the weight of 2.6kgs gives the image a certain stability that nonetheless allows free-handed operation for the short term.

Naturally the 15x70 MS performs best when used on a good camera tripod. It then becomes a powerful observing instrument that will reveal a large amount of detail that would be invisible with lower magnifications.

These binoculars feature an image sharpness throughout the entire field of view and also a contrast that you will normally only find in much more expensive binoculars. This makes the 15x70 a premium choice for astronomy.

  • Nature observing: ideal even for low-light conditons ( hunting, birdwatching )
  • Astronomy: a large field of view with pinpoint stars throughout the field make these binoculars ideal for astronomy.

Focus Mechanism:

These binoculars have a single eye focusing mechanism. This is largely responsible for their extreme resistance against mechanical damage. Both eyes can be individually focused. The good depth of sharpness means that you do not need to refocus frequently.

Camera Tripod Adaptation:

The NightSky MS binoculars feature a standard camera tripod adaptation. You only need the optional tripod adaptor to attach them to any normal camera tripod.

Card Code5001001051
Type of buildPorro
Front lens diameter (mm)70
Exit pupil (mm)4.7
Interpupillar distance (mm)56-74
Eye relief (mm)23
Glass material BaK-4
Lens coatingFully multi-coated
Focusing systemSingle eye focusing
Eyepiece cupsFolding
--Special features---
Eyepieces for spectacle wearersYes
Threaded tripod connectorYes
Diopter adjustment abilityYes
Carrying caseHard case, L-bracket for Tripod
--Field of view---
True field of view (°)4.4
Apparent field of view (°)67
Field of view at 1,000 m (m)67
Close focus limit (m)10
Light intensity22.1
Twilight factor32.4
Length (mm)290
Width (mm)220
Weight (g)2650
--Area of application---
Astronomy very good
Bird watchingMiddle

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