SeeCoast Mark III Binoculars


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  • Simple in design, with no batteries or moving parts
  • Available in full-base, half-base and wheelchair modes.
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The Mark III Automatic Focus Binocular has an optic power of 10X and gives a broader (wider) view. Simple in design, with no batteries or moving parts, the automatic focus has been well received since it's introduction in early 1991.

The full step base, as well as the half step base, are well suited for outdoor observation platforms and river walks.

  • Column: 4 ½" Diameter Alum. Stanchion (11.430 cm diameter)
  • Standard Base: 30 inch diameter (76.200 cm diameter)
  • Binocular Width: 12 Inches (30.480 cm)
  • Binocular Length: 22 Inches (55.880 cm)
  • Housing Movement: 360º Rotation, 40º Up and 40º Down
  • Coin Chute: 25¢ Standard U.S. Coins (foreign coinage available)
  • Timing Mechanism: 90 - 120 seconds


Installation inside or outside
Available in coin and non-coin operated
Coin chutes are available for more foreign coins or tokens
Object locator/donation plaque
Custom paint colors
Wheelchair access base

Card Code500210126
Material356 Aluminum Alloy
Height (cm)152.4
Package weight43.091
Field of view at 1,000 m (m)122

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