NightSky 120mm Giant Binoculars


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$ 3,500

  • 120mm binoculars with fork mount and changing eyepieces

  • Including four eyepieces

  • x30 and x50 magnification

  • Magnification up to x200 in case of purchasing smaller size eyepieces

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120-caliber high-magnification viewing telescope

The large-aperture glass with double-separation 120mm diameter SMC full-broadband coating process is used as the objective lens glass. The objective lens focal length is 750mm, equipped with a 1.25-inch standard interface. The eyepiece can be replaced to change the magnification. The standard is equipped with 30× and 50× high resolution eyepieces with high magnification configuration to meet the needs of different telephoto occasions.


Exit pupil diameterφ4mmφ2.4mm
Exit pupil distance14mm8.2mm
Field of view2°30′1°20′
Diopter adjustment range-10~+10 diopters
Eye distance adjustment range58~78mm
Up and down tilt angle±50°Any angle lock
Eyepiece direction45° tilt
Horizontal angle360° unlimited rotation
Water resistanceBasic waterproof IP4
Operating temperature-40~+70 ℃


Basic configuration:

  • One pair of hemlock tripods,
  • One pair of all-aluminum alloy U-shaped brackets, 
  • One pair of 30x eyepieces, 
  • One pair of 50x eyepieces,
  • Dustproof and rainproof goggles, 
  • One thick aluminum alloy box.

(Basic packaging: the telescope host and aluminum alloy U-shaped bracket are packed in an aluminum alloy box, and then 3CM pearl cotton lining is packed in a carton, and the hemlock tripod is separately packed, a total of 2 cartons)


1km visual rendering


1.5km visual rendering


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