Baader Solar Filter for 90mm Refractor


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  • Economical full aperture baader solar film filter
  • Observe the sun safely 
  • Placed over the front of your telescope 
  • Reduces the intensity of the Sun's light significantly
  • Reflects away harmful rays. 
  • View subtle faculae and sun spots

The Baader 90mm Solar Filter for refractors , allows you to do solar observations safely. Attach it securely over the front of your telescope and it will filter and reduce the intensity of the Sun’s light making it observable through your scope. The Baader solar film produces a natural white image of the photosphere, letting subtle details in and contrasted sun spots. It also reflects harmful solar rays providing additional protection and ensuring that your eyes will never get damaged even during long term observation.

The Baader Astro Solar Safety Film has a layer of metal coatings on both sides of the film's surface. This allows it to performs as well as high quality plane-parallel glass filters. 

The Baader 90mm Solar Filter for Refractors Telescopes, allows you to see the details in sunspots, bright faculae near the limb and the mottled areas known as granules. These filters enable the safe viewing of our sun. The sun is one of the most interesting objects in the sky and its details can only unlocked when viewed safely through a solar film.

Completely safe and durable. The film allows 1/100,000 of visible light through while deflecting the other 99.999%of unwanted light. The film significantly decreases harmful ultraviolet rays and infrared light. Baader Astro Solar™ film has also been declared safe for direct solar viewing by the German National Bureau of Standards for eye safety.

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