Hi-Spy Coin Mechanical 10X Binocular Viewer

  • Binoculars Style
  • High Quality Material
  • 10x (Wateproof Optics)
  • Mechanical Coin Acceptance

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Coin Operated Viewers Models

Hi-Spy makes coin-operated binoculars and telescopes in both a standard model and an ADA (wheelchair accessible) model. We also make Special coin-operated  models such as our memorial machine, customized height machine and wall-mounted machine. Once you decide on a coin model, you need to choose between 10X magnification and 20X magnification in a binocular or 20X and 35X magnification in a telescope.

You can purchase Hi-Sky products from NightSky Astronomy shop in the Middle East Region.

10X vs. 20X vs. 35X

Magnification ratings are in comparison to the human eye. Therefore, 10X magnification is bringing the image 10X closer and 20X is 20X closer, etc.There is always a trade-off: the lower the magnification, the smaller the image but the wider the field of view. For example, if you want to see all the sailboats in the lake, use 10X – if you want to see just the people on one boat, use a higher magnification.

Data Sheet
OPTICS (Waterproof Optics)
Magnification 10x
Field of View 400 feet at 1000 yds
Focus Manual
Objective Diameter 50 mm
Exit Pupil Aperture 5 mm
Interpupillary Distance 2.5 inches
Long Eye Relief Yes
Machine Height 5ft. 2 in
Eyepiece Height 5ft 0 in
Machine Weight 120 lbs.
Standing Ring Height 12 inches
Maintube Diameter 6 inches
Base Diameter 28 inches
Base Options Yes – we can provide custom Aluminum plate bases for certain applications
Viewing Head Painted Aluminum
Viewing Head Support Arms Aluminum
Main Tube Powdercoated aluminum 0.1875 inch wall thickness
Base Powedercoated aluminum
Standing Ring Cast aluminum
Standing Ring Height 12 inches
Horizontal Movement Tapered roller bearing system – 285 degrees (can be modified on request)
Vertical Movement Bronze bearing on aluminum trunnion – +/- 30 degrees
Coin Door Security Keset door lock over security bolt
Viewing Head Security Pop lock over security bolt
Mechanical Crank Coin Acceptor Domestic and foreign coin acceptors available
Coin Capacity 2,000 US quarters
Audit Digital
Timing Mechanism Type Circuit Board timing mechanism
Standard Time Duration 1 min 30 secs
Vary Time SettingYes – from 1 min to 3 min
Battery Type 4 AA cells to operate coin acceptor, meter and shutter
Swivel Set Option AvailableYes
Colors Standard color is textured black with aluminum head. Sand, moss green, blue, green and red are also available. - On request, we can discuss other colors
SignSign frame holes are pre-drilled and a stainless steel sign frame comes with each unit

  • Why Hi-Spy Makes A Better Coin - Operated Viewer

    At Hi-Spy we use an electronic coin acceptor/shutter combination.
    Our competitors utilize a non-electronic, solely mechanical coin acceptor/shutter combination.

    Ours is better

    We have been proving it for 21 years. We use a new improved circuit board (with 100% potting to ensure waterproofing) to open the shutter and to close it again when the time has counted down. Our new control boards at an average site will use 4-AA batteries every 4-5 years. That is a small price to pay for more security for your money.

    Q.  Why does Hi-Spy use the electronic control board?

    A:  The main reason is that electronics allow the coin to be contained in the main tube and not in the viewing head which is far less secure. Competitors, in order to save costs when building, use mechanical coin/shutter combinations which force the containment of coin to be in the head where those parts are located. That is NOT SAFE. All a vandal needs to do is either steal the whole head (quite easy) or crack open the head (also quite easy). At one nearby world-famous site competitive viewers were broken open six at a time with just a crowbar and the owner was forced to withdraw his machines. But breaking into the main tube on a Hi-Spy machine is far more difficult.

    Q.  Can vandals break into a Hi-Spy main tube?

    A:  Anything is possible but the facts prove how difficult it is. We have placed thousands of machines worldwide yet in 21 years we have had only five reported break-ins. And customers do report break-ins because they usually need new parts. We use an extremely good vending lock and have engineered the door opening to make it very rugged.

    Q.  Are there other reasons to utilize an electronic coin acceptor/shutter mechanism?

    A:  Yes. It allows an accurate audit and it allows the owner to quickly change the viewing time in 5 second increments.

    Q.  A competitor has stated that electronic control boards are ”not dependable”- is that accurate?

    A:  It is not accurate and truthfully flies in the face of 21st century experience. Your toaster, your phone, your car all run with electronics. Many appliances with circuit boards are exposed to the weather. They are all dependable. Our new improved control board is 100% potted (older boards were only 90% potted) and potting completely encases the circuitry - not allowing any corrosion. And new boards have Bluetooth to remotely take an audit without taking the board in and out of the viewer.

    Q.  Where can I buy and purchase the Hi-Spy products in Dubai and in the Middle East Region?

    A:  Through NightSky L.L.C  store at J3 Mall in Dubai or our website at dubaitelescope.com

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