ScopeDome 2M Dome

New product

  • Simple and fast installation
  • Ready for operation
  • Safe (12V DC) power supply
  • Tightness better then in larger domes
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The main advantages of  ScopeDome 2M dome:
  • simple and fast installation of the dome,
    dome will be delivered to you assembled and tested, its installation does not require more work than a typical installation of the telescope
  • the dome is ready for operation immediately after unpacking,
  • safe (12V DC) power supply for motors, controll card
    and heating system,
  • dome motors and control card can be powered directly from a 12V DC car battery,
  • the ability to automatically open the shutter on any azimuth using the built-in power ring rotating mechanism (slip ring),
  • all the shutter rolls and rotating mechanism are hidden inside the dome to protect it from weather,
  • tightness better then in larger domes, design and production in 3D and CNC technology allowed us to minimize the space between the rotating parts of the dome.
  • NightSky agents support, guide and assistance

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