Astroheaven 7ft Domes

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  • 7-foot diameter Dome
  • High Quality fiberglass clamshell
  • Ideal for amateur astronomers or robotic applications
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7-foot diameter fiberglass clamshell astronomical observatories are ideal for amateur astronomers or robotic applications. Add one or more 12 inch base "risers" if more height is required. The baseline 7-foot dome is opened manually or select the option of a powered opening system that allows push button control and computer interface. It opens to any configuration and for celestial viewing may not have to changed all night, eliminating the cost  of constant dome rotation.

It is the perfect personal dome for one or two observers and is also ideal for robotic operations housing moderate size instruments. All our clam shell designs minimize cost of ownership by reducing complexity and allow full opening to enjoy the night sky or achieve immediate thermal equilibrium. For manual operation, the 7 foot dome comes equipped with handles for easy movement of the hatches and features external padlocking.

Ingress/egress is over the side or from below when mounted on top of a structure. Boat stairs, or custom made stairs may be used for installations on the ground but people are installing these domes on top of almost any kind of building from Play houses to silos. In either case the installation is a snap. Just bolt the lower flange of the dome to a concrete pad or a structure that is isolated from your telescope pier. The 7 foot dome ships completely assembled and only weighs 300 lb. Shipping weight is is approximately 450 lb. on a skid 8' X 8' X 4'.

The latest 3-D design and CAD tools are used to engineer the best design and assure the utmost quality. Although white gel coat exterior achieves the best UV protection, domes are frequently ordered in a variety of colors. Black is the standard interior color.

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