Astroheaven 20ft Domes

New product

  • 20 foot diameter Dome
  • Includes a powered opening system
  • High Quality fiberglass clamshell
  • Ideal for professional use
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20-foot diameter high quality fiberglass clamshell domes meet a variety of commercial and research needs but there is no limit on how big when we imagine future models.

The 20-foot dome includes a powered opening system that allows push button control or computer interface for remote operation. It opens to any configuration and for celestial viewing may not have to changed all night, eliminating the cost  of constant dome rotation.

The 20-foot astronomical observatory  is used for robotic operations and operations requiring multiple larger instruments. All our clam shell designs minimize cost of ownership by reducing complexity and allow full opening to enjoy the night sky or achieve immediate thermal equilibrium.

Ingress and egress is over the side, though an optional hatch, or from below when mounted on top of a structure.

In any case the installation is a snap. Just bolt the lower flange of the dome to a concrete pad or a structure that is isolated from your telescope pier. 20-foot domes ship on two skids that are 7.5' wide x 16' long. All parts are labeled and assembly instructions are included.

The latest 3-D design and CAD tools are used to engineer the best design and assure the utmost quality. Although white gel coat exterior achieves the best UV protection, domes are frequently ordered in a variety of colors. Black is the standard interior color.

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