NightSky Observing Chair


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  • Adjustable chair for observing
  • Makes an observing session much more comfortable

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The NightSky observing chair is an essential piece of observing gear. You will always see better at the eyepiece when you are comfortable. You will also see more because if you are comfortable you will observe longer.

From a low crouch to a standing position, the seat height of the NightSky observing Chair can be adjusted in 2 inch increments by removing the seat and hooking it to the horizontal bars located on the chair frame. These units have four rubber "shocks" under the seat base that allows the seat to tilt forward, left and right so it can accommodate your body movements. The front tilted position of the seat helps the user maintain the natural posture position of the spine. The NightSky observing Chair, is not only convenient but easy to use. Simply unfold the rear legs and hook the contoured padded seat to the frame at the desired ergonomic height. The adjust-ability guarantees the optimum observing posture. Folds up to a 5 inch profile for easy portability and storage. Doubles as a great workshop/hobby chair around the house too.

Extended Dimensions: 95 cm (H) x 46 cm (W) x 65 cm (D)
Folded Dimensions: 108 cm (H) x 46 cm (W) x 15 cm (D)
Adjustable Seat heights: 30-82 cm (H)
Weight: 6 kg

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