Sky-Watcher BKP130650 OTAW


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This telescope is a good starting point for new amateur astronomers. With 30% more light gathering capacity than a 114mm telescope, even more fascinating celestial objects can be observed by amateur astronomer newbies.

The 130mm aperture and 650 mm focal length high-performance optics allow you to observe many nebulae and other DSOs. With an f5 aperture ratio, the telescope is also ideal for wide field observing. Breathtakingly beautiful Open clusters are well worth seeking out too. Its short length means that the telescope is very stable, even on smaller mounts, with vibrations damping down very quickly.

The external design can also be considered a real gem, boasting an elegant design of the highest calibre.

Card Code4021014109
Area of applicationMoon & Planets, Sun (only with suitable solar filter), Astrophotography, Nebulae & Galaxies
Recommended forBeginners, Advanced
Optical designNewtonian
Aperture (mm)130 mm
Focal length (mm)650 mm
Focal Ratiof/5
Resolving Power (theoretical)0.88 arcsec
Magnitude limit (theoretical)12.4
Light gathering capacity (in relation to human eye)345x
Tube weight (kg)4
Type of buildCrayford
Coarse FocuserYes (1:10 Fine movement)
Fine focuserNo
Connection barrel2"
--Included accessories--
2'' eyepieces28 mm
Finder scope6x30

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