Sky-Watcher BK909 AZ3 Telescope


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$ 378

  • Multi-coated achromatic objective lens
  •  Pre-assembled tripod for convenient and quick assembly
  • 65% more light gathering power than 70mm
  • Tripod height: 71-121 cm

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This optics is equipped with an achromatic objective. Because of a special combination of two lenses within the objective, most of the colour aberrations can be corrected. Thus, you do not have to face so many disturbing irregularities as usual with common Fraunhofer refractors. The aperture ratio of 1:10 has an additional positive effect.

he Skywatcher AZ-3 is a practical altazimuth mount, easy-to-use and providing good stability.

It can serve as a base for terrestrial or astronomical observing and support telescopes or spotting scopes up to a maximum weight of 5kg (refractors of up to 120mm aperture and reflectors of up to 150mm diameter).

The AZ-3 has horizontal quick adjustment plus a locking screw, and vertical quick adjustment with a slipper clutch. There is fine adjustment with flexible slow motions available on both axes. The tracking is absolutely smooth and sensitive adjustment and allows fine adjustment even at high magnification.

The vertical angle can be adjusted between 50 and 90 degrees, allowing viewing from the horizon up to nearly the zenith and panning 360°. The AZ-3 mount is hence equally suited for terrestrial and astronomical observing. The telescope/spotting scope is mounted via tube ring clamps.

  • altazimuth mount allowing 360° panning and adjustable from the horizon to almost the zenith
  • vertical rapid adjustment with slipper clutch
  • fine adjustment via flexible slow motions
  • aluminium tripod - infinitely adjustable from 70cm to 123cm
  • entire weight only approx. 3.9kg, including tripod
Card Code4045010067
Area of applicationMoon & Planets, , Nature Observation, Sun (only with suitable solar filter), Nebulae & Galaxies
Sunnot recommended (Only with appropriate Sun filter)
Recommended for , Beginners
Optical designAchromatic
Aperture (mm)90
Focal length (mm)900
Focal RatioF/10
Resolving Power (theoretical)1.28 arc sec
Magnitude limit (theoretical)11.6
Light gathering capacity (in relation to human eye)170
Tube weight (kg)2.49
Type of buildGear rack
Connection barrel1.25" focuser
Diagonal Type1.25" 45 deg. Erect Image
Type of buildAlt-Az
GoTo controlNo
--Included accessories--
1.25'' eyepieces1.25" Super 25 and 10
Finder scope6x30
Package weight11.7

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