SeeCoast Mark I Telescope

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  • Best instrument for long distance viewing
  • Available in full-base, half-base and wheelchair modes

The Mark I, telescope has an optic power of 20X and is best for long distance viewing. This unit is shown with a full step base. By utilizing the available half step base, the instrument can be installed closer to the parapet, giving the patron a wider field of view.

  • Column: 4 ½" Diameter Alum. Stanchion (11.430 cm diameter)
  • Standard Base: 30 inch diameter (76.200 cm diameter)
  • Telescope Width: 7 Inches (22.860 cm)
  • Telescope Length: 25 inches (88.900 cm)
  • Housing Movement: 360º Rotation, 30º Up and 40º Down
  • Coin Chute: 25¢ Standard U.S. Coins (foreign coinage available)
  • Timing Mechanism: 90 - 120 seconds


Installation inside or outside
Available in coin and non-coin operated
Coin chutes are available for more foreign coins or tokens
Object locator/donation plaque
Custom paint colors
Available bases

Material356 Aluminum Alloy
Height (cm)152.4
Package weight42.301
Field of view at 1,000 m (m)40.3

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