Hi-Spy Coin Mechanical 35X Telescope Viewer

New product

  • Telescope Style
  • High Quality Material
  • 35x (Wateproof Optics)
  • Mechanical Coin Acceptance
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Coin Operated Viewers Models

Hi-Spy makes coin-operated binoculars and telescopes in both a standard model and an ADA (wheelchair accessible) model. We also make Special coin-operated  models such as our memorial machine, customized height machine and wall-mounted machine. Once you decide on a coin model, you need to choose between 10X magnification and 20X magnification in a binocular or 20X and 35X magnification in a telescope.

You can purchase Hi-Sky products from NightSky Astronomy shop in the Middle East Region.

10X vs. 20X vs. 35X

Magnification ratings are in comparison to the human eye. Therefore, 10X magnification is bringing the image 10X closer and 20X is 20X closer, etc.There is always a trade-off: the lower the magnification, the smaller the image but the wider the field of view. For example, if you want to see all the sailboats in the lake, use 10X – if you want to see just the people on one boat, use a higher magnification.

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