Nightsky T-Ring Sony Alpha M42


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compatible with the SONY Alpha series cameras featuring the SONY A-mount:

SONY Alpha a33, a35, a37, a55, a57, a58, a65, a77, a77 II, a99, a100, a200, a230, a250, a290, a300, a330, a350, a380, a390, a450, a500, a550, a560, a580, a700, a850, a900 etc.

With this adapter ring you can attach your SONY Alpha camera to the T2 system to take images of the night sky (or birds at daytime) via your telescope. 
On many telescopes there is a built-in T-thread (M42x0.75) already on the focuser, but if there is none on your telescope, we can supply the necessary adapter, too.

If you are not happy with the framing position of your camera, the T2 bayonet ring can be adjusted in its rotational position using radial setting screws.

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