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The AC 120/1000 telescope: This telescope provides powerful optics and high resolution, making it ideal for detailed planetary observing. Its 120mm aperture makes this achromatic refractor one of the larger examples of this type of amateur telescope design. The aperture ratio of f8.3 means most chromatic aberration has been well corrected. The telescope is a refractor and so provides a high contrast image - essential for observing the planets. The most important thing when observing planets is being able to see the individual details, such as the polar ice caps on Mars or the Great Red Spot on Jupiter. With this telescope, there is nothing standing in the way of you taking a tour through the solar system. Many deep-sky objects, such as the Ring Nebula or the distant globular cluster M13, can also be seen. With 293X more light gathering capacity than the naked eye alone, it can shows objects that cannot even be seen without optical assistance.

The telescope collects 44% more light than a 100mm telescope. It comes with a 2" focuser which includes a 1.25" reducing adapter, meaning both sizes of eyepiece may be used. A 2" eyepiece lets you achieve the widest possible field of view. So, for example, a 40mm 2" eyepiece with 72° apparent field of view lets you observe 2.8 degrees of the night sky. Consequently, extended deep sky objects will fit well into the field of view. The finder scope provided is mounted parallel to the main telescope tube and is indispensible when for first locate objects. Astrophotography can also be done with this telescope: The Moon, planets, and even the most nebulae can be photographed using it.

With the EQ5 SkyScan Pro, Skywatcher offers a completely equipped GoTo mount for compact telescopes. Especially when easy transport is important for you, this GoTo mount is an interesting alternative. It offers the same functionality as bigger computerized mounts. Even astro photography with moderate focal lengths is no problem with the solid mechanical system and the auto guider compatibility.

The EQ5 PRO SynScan's advantages :
-- Dual axis motorized mount with high quality stepper motors
-- Automatic and precise celestial tracking
-- Internal computer database with 42'900 objects
-- Autoguiding connection for astro photography
-- Positioning precision up to one arc minute
-- Maxium slew speed 3.4° per second
-- Periodic error correction (PEC)
-- RS 232 interface for remote control via PC
-- Internet-upgradable firmware
-- GP dovetail clamp - compatible to the EQ and Vixen system

Area of applicationAstrophotography, Moon & Planets, Nature Observation, Nebulae & Galaxies, Sun (only with suitable solar filter)
Recommended forBeginners, Experienced amateurs
Optical designAchromatic
Aperture (mm)120 mm
Focal length (mm)1000 mm
Focal Ratiof/8.3
Resolving Power (theoretical)1.16 arcsec
Magnitude limit (theoretical)12.4
Light gathering capacity (in relation to human eye)294x
Tube length (mm)95.5 mm
Tube weight (kg)5 kg
Type of buildRock & Pinion
Coarse FocuserYes
Connection barrel2"
Diagonal Type2", 90° star diagonal
Type of buildEquatorial
GoTo controlYes
Payload capacity (kg)10
--Included accessories--
1.25'' eyepieces10 mm, 25 mm
Finder scope9x50
Eyepiece adaptor 1.25" to 2"

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