Sturman HM1200R Microscope


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$ 35

  • Designed for children older than 8 years.
  • Suitable for use in primary schools
  • Projection screen
  • A set of accessories needed for a full investigation
  • Built-in lights

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This microscope has a removable projection screen to display an image. Therefore, it can be used either like a digital microscope, examining the object of study on the screen or a traditional microscope observing the sample directly through the eyepiece.

Those who have ever looked in a microscope, know that looking through the eyepiece for a long time, makes eyes tired and it adversely affects the interest of the observer (and especially that children). To avoid this drawback a projection screen is designed. You can observe samples on a projection screen with your friends, parents or teachers. It is a great tool to make kids more interested in microscopic world.

Ambient lighting too bright, may have negative effects on the readability of the screen. In addition to the accessories required for the study included are interesting patterns, slides with sections of plants and insects.

Card Code8001510640
Area of applicationEducation, , Hobby
Optical DesignMonocular
Objective10x, 60x, 120x
TypeLED light, Mirror
--Mechanical parts--
Coarse focusYes
Fine focusNo
Filter WheelNo
Package Dimensions220mm×120mm×75mm
Package Weight570 g
Included AccessoriesPipette, Sea salt, Glue, Incubator, 3 Clean slides, 3 Prepared slides, 6 Coverslips, 6 Stickers, Spatula, Scalpel, Replacement LED, Slide with butterfly, Slide with plant, Slide with insect
Power supplyAA batteries

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